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search term haiku: March 2009

by Rob Friesel

malnutrition jokes
Vermont home-grown vegetables
garbage design blog

“Search Term Haiku” is a series wherein I examine this site’s log files and construct one or more haiku poems from search terms and phrases that led visitors to the site. Where possible, I attempt to keep the search phrases intact. However, as these are haiku poems, I do need to follow the rules.

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One Response to search term haiku: March 2009

Sally says:

Just to let you know that I have ‘borrowed’ (credit and linked to Flickr) one your beautiful garden shots from Flickr for my blog. I write from the UK on growing tomatoes but as I am just starting out don’t have any shots of my own and I needed one of Roma !
Your garden looks amazing. Good Luck with this years crops. Thank you for capturing it all.

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