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Theodore Rex: a few thoughts, but not much of a review

by Rob Friesel

Theodore RexA few thoughts as I step away from Theodore Rex:

(1) “Teddy” was a really and truly fascinating character and (like him or not) an important figure in American history.

(2) Given when I was reading this (i.e., more/less at the height of the health care reform debates of the Obama administration), it gives me some perspective and perhaps a little hope, viz. that a popular but politically controversial President can get quite a bit accomplished.

(3) Morris paints a pretty vivid picture of the turn-of-the-century United States in addition to painting a vivid picture of Roosevelt. One of the things that got me through the book’s 555 pages (viz., I don’t care about who is winning delegates!) was the sense of pageantry and drama. Big things were happening and the world was a well-appointed stage.

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