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dream.20110417: sharktopus attacks

by Rob Friesel

Giving blood. Lying on that bed in the bloodmobile. Two tubes running out of my arm. “Are you sure you can spare this much?” Languor. “Don’t drift off.” Everything is funny.

Wake up to panic.

Tearing down the street. Running; it’s me and two others. The Golden Gate Bridge. San Francisco. Where to run? It’s after us; it’s huge. Sharktopus is on the loose. It leaps from the bay—its jaws snapping, its tentacles waving. Fear grips us all. Panting from the exertion, we all agree that there’s only one strategy. If we can get far enough ahead of sharktopus, we can duck behind a wall and pretend like it was never after us to start with. Sharktopus is vicious but sharktopus is dumb. If it thinks you can’t see it, then it can’t see you.

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One Response to dream.20110417: sharktopus attacks

Sharktopus says:

I knew you were hiding behind that wall. I just wanted to see where you were hiding online. Now that I know… you’ll never be safe again…


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