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dream.20110708: editor

by Rob Friesel

I’m at a party with JJA. He is drinking a beer out of a white paper cup and leaning up against a doorframe. It is the kind of party you would see in a movie about college fraternities. JJA is quiet and just watching the people go by. I introduce my self and we start talking. First it’s about the party, then it’s about cars. After a while he tells me that he recognizes my face from somewhere, says I look familiar. I explain that we haven’t met etc. We start talking about writing, about science fiction. I explain that I write. He asks if I’ve submitted anything to any of his projects. I explain that I have, that they were slushed and rejected. He shrugs, tells me they must not have been the right piece for the time, tells me I should try again.

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