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dream.20110815: log cabin

by Rob Friesel

Tromping through fields and woods, to RK’s log cabin. (He has a log cabin now?) There are three of us. She is new to us, a pretty young thing that says that she is “looking for a change” (and leaves it at that). We get back to his cabin; it’s dim inside but we make the most of it. RK digs up a couple bottles of Switchback (it comes in bottles now?) and we sit around a worn and rustic-to-begin-with table. Drink and be merry. “Want to see a trick?” he asks. He digs up two more bottles of Switchback then (with expert precision) pounds a flathead screwdriver through the cap of each one. “Put your thumb over it and shake.” He’s got one; I have the other. Thumb; shake; remove thumb–a fine misting spray of ale goes over everyone. We all have a good laugh, then RK ducks out to look for his dog in the field. “Looking for a change,” she repeats, ambiguously.

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