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dream.20111024: in-flight pudding

by Rob Friesel

Hospital PuddingRacing to get onto that plane. I got held up twice–first to wake up, and then to scrape gobs of green crap out from under my eyelid. The airport is down in the basement of MG’s house; and MG is having a party. The house is full of familiar faces, and everyone wants to chat and reminisce. But I’ve got a plane to catch.

When I arrive at the gate, the staff are surprisingly helpful. The plane hasn’t left yet and here, let me take your bags and so forth; none of the usual incompetent stonewalling that you’d expect. Then they have me rush through a series of questions–some of which seem to be about the airline itself, but most of which are about security. They’re all easy yes/no or one-word answers and we get through them all quickly. Then there’s one final question before I can board:

Will you eat the in-flight pudding?

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