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dream.20111115: dubious genius

by Rob Friesel

You’re skeptical of him. You always have been. He comes on the scene, and some claim he has the credentials to back it all up–but what have you ever seen him do? Nothing. And your–well, it’s not quite contempt, but close enough to it, and it’s obvious to all. Fortunately, your encounters with him are few, which saves both of you the awkwardness of fighting through that.

But someone–a friend–points out to you that he is apparently some sort of widely-known and respected genius. Here, he explains, here he is featured in Wired. And the picture sure looks like him, and the caption has his name, but… Something is wrong. Why is he on both sides of the desk in the featured photo? As though he were his own consultant and client? You issue some protest to all of this, but it’s weak–because, after all, what are the consequences either way?

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