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dream.20120412: pulled over by the pizza delivery guy

by Rob Friesel

We are driving: A. and H. and I. A. is driving, I am in the back seat with H. We see lights flashing in the rearview. Blue lights flashing. The police? A. pulls over. It is not the police, it is a Domino’s Pizza Delivery Guy. Who gave him the authority to pull us over? He has A. roll the window down, explains that they’ve been trying to improve their image. They’re not just lousy pizza delivery quickly etc. He hands a slice in. A. doesn’t want any but passes it back to us. H. takes a bite, and so do I. “You all going to buy some?” We decline. He asks for the slice back. “What?” He explains that they don’t want people to get the idea that they can get free pizza for speeding. He reaches into the car for the slice, H. and I both take another huge bite, to spite him.

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