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dream.20120702: shower

by Rob Friesel

You’re hurrying. You have somewhere to be. You need a shower first. You run into the bathroom and slam the door. You hop into the tub and turn the knobs. Someone comes into the bathroom after you. (Hadn’t you shut the door? Locked the door?) You wait for them to leave. (Are they taking a piss?) While they’re still in there you notice that the tub is filling up. It’s starting to overflow. You wait until you hear the door shut behind that person. You get the tub unstoppered but the water is coming too fast. You have to turn the shower off. “What are you doing in there?” he asks. Hadn’t he left already? The water is down far enough and you’re in enough of a hurry. You start the water again. But the tub is filling up fast. Not only was the tub stoppered but your clothes are over the drain. (Hadn’t you left them on the counter?) You toss them (now sopping wet) out onto the floor. Then you notice that your pants are still on.

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