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dream.20130222: interview

by Rob Friesel

Work has overflowed and has become like an overcrowded refugee camp inside of an old container ship. Like something out of a William Gibson novel, or part of The Raft from Snow Crash. The offices may still remain, but you don’t know. You have literally been moved onto an old container ship where you are expected to do your job. You are trying to make your escape. You have a mobile phone and are using it for your interview with some other company (LinkedIn?). The woman interviewing you (from the other end of the phone) seems distracted. She is working from home? You hear a baby in the background, and it sounds like she is having side conversations with someone else. You do most of the talking. (You scold yourself for doing most of the talking. Are you giving too much away?) But there are also very long pauses in the conversation. Does she forget that you are there? Does she put the phone down? Does the signal drop? Does everyone around you suspect that your phone call is an interview? All the while you’re wandering the aisles and rows, trying to find your family, trying to find a way out.

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