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dream.20130507: shots fired

by Rob Friesel

You duck and the bullets whizz overhead. Where are they coming from? Another shot rings out. This one hits someone behind you. You watch his body twist and go down. Another shot. Another crumpled body. Everyone is scurrying right now. Through the parking lot (parking lot?) — zig-zagging between cars and trying to duck into the library. (Library?) You’ll be safe in there. Right? Only if you stay away from the windows. You’re in there not two minutes when the first window shatters and someone else goes flying into the stacks. Books fly everywhere. (There is shockingly little blood.) The next shot barely misses you. Where are these shots coming from? They sound like they’re coming from so far away but… Another person goes down. You’re by the ext now. On the far side of the library. You should be safe. But the moment you step from the door another shot whizzes by. (They’re all coming from the same direction, but no matter what you put between you and the presumed source, the shooter seems to have a clear shot.) You take off running. You zig-zag some more. It’s dangerous to head in a straight line. There’s a mountain ahead. Not too far off. If you can get to it, get around the other side of it, then maybe you’ll be safe. But you zig when you meant to zag and the next one catches your leg.

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