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dream.20130623: for a desk

by Rob Friesel

You’re moving in with a different roommate. (College roommate? Are you in college? This looks like your old college campus.) The room is in disarray, but that’s to be expected as he makes room for you. You’re moving in not because the campus housing authorities have told you to, but because… the two of you are starting a business? Naturally the first thing that you do is get your equipment set up. But before you can do that, you need to get the desk set up. You have a desk in your old dorm room, and you say so. So you take off, marching along campus, against the flow of traffic. An ever-thickening flow of people, all of them walking in the opposite direction. Fighting, elbowing through them, until eventually you find a way to walk over them, stepping on shoulders and heads. And when you finally get back to your own room, it occurs to you that you cannot carry the desk back with you. Could you disassemble it? Carry it back in pieces? And/but then you call your new roommate/business partner on the phone: “Wait! Don’t we already have a desk in the room? Couldn’t we just use that? And sell this one for extra cash?”

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