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dream.20130901: secret ways

by Rob Friesel

Into the hospital through the Emergency Room. Down the hall, bear right. Bear right again. Took a wrong turn; back up, retrace your steps, go left at the shelf full of antiseptic swabs. Behind the lightbox for the X-rays is a door. Pass through the door and you find a crowded room. A party. Navigate through the party. Pass the punchbowl and go down another set of stairs. You enter a crowded bar. Go through the bar, all the way to the back, past the billiards and the tables and the booths. There are two doors in the back. Go into the kitchen. Go to the back of the kitchen. Exit the kitchen into an alley (though the alley itself does not open to any street). At the other end of the alley is a door, two steps down from the pavement. Through the door is a speakeasy. Work your way through the crowded speakeasy to the back. Open the trapdoor and lower yourself into the wine cellar. At the back of the wine cellar, move aside the cask that reads 1914. Pass through that portal. He’s in there, waiting for you. He has a secret to tell.

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