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dream.20130918: they walked out

by Rob Friesel

They asked you to put a thing together. Nothing super long, but detailed enough to convey a few key points. (You talked about and agreed upon those key points.) A quick presentation — 10 minutes or so. They asked you to, and you came through. Did the time, did the extra work to get the thing together. It took a few hours. And all at the last minute, too. And you get there and you’re waiting your turn, right there in the audience like everyone else. And someone before you (maybe 2-3 speakers ahead in the line-up?) says a few provocative things; they’re not necessarily things that are wrong but they’re misleading and easily misconstrued, and contradict a couple of the points you have to make. And so you’re scrambling to tweak those couple points in your presentation (or at least your speaker notes, the talking points). Then they let the provocateur go long. Then the next couple speakers go long. And when you get up there to start in on your quick presentation, everyone starts filing out. Dismissive shrugs and waves and sarcastic golf-claps. Only a handful of people linger but what’s the point in finishing? Drop the mic. Storm out. Find him — the one that asked you to speak in the first place — what was that all about? and I’m upset about this and I have something to say and I need you to listen…

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