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dream.20131030: imposter

by Rob Friesel

Driving home on Rt. 15 (just off the highway), you see flashing blue lights ahead of you. Then you notice them in the rearview mirror as well. Assuming the latter is racing to catch up with the former, you pull over, expecting the officer to race past you. Instead the officer pulls over behind you. The officer approaches your car window and immediately asks you to get out of the car. This seems strange to you and although you want to comply, something about it doesn’t feel right. “Aren’t you supposed to ask for license and registration first?” He doesn’t blow his top or even raise his voice, but you can tell that he is going to quickly become irate. He demands a second time for you to get out of the car. “Wait. Where’s your badge?” you ask. (There’s no badge on his shirt.) He frowns and stalks back to his car. Looking for closely in the rearview, the car doesn’t look quite right either. (Too small?) When he comes back, he hands you a badge. But it’s plastic. And it doesn’t have a pin. And there’s no ID number. This isn’t right at all. You step on the accelerator and he starts to chase you.

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