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reading a thing on 2/1

by Rob Friesel

If you missed it today on Facebook or Twitter or any of the other places this went:

Geek Mountain State Presents
Vermont Science Fiction

stars and shit

We are pleased to announce that Geek Mountain State and Phoenix Books are teaming up for the third entry in the Vermont SF Writer’s Series, Vermont Science Fiction! This reading follows two successful events held in the fall of 2013, Strange as Science, Dark as Night (in partnership with the Renegade Writer’s Collective) and Dark Mountain State (in partnership with Quarterstaff Games).

While we’re stuck indoors due to the cold, we’re reminded of the cold of space, trapped and protected at the same time by the walls which hold back the sub-zero temperatures. Vermont is the ideal place to see the results of the progress and scientific achievement which drive the world, and it’s a good time to get an idea of where we could be headed. This reading event will focus exclusively on science fiction stories from a range of local authors. Come join us to listen and chat about writing and science fiction!


To RSVP, head over to the event page that we’ve set up on Facebook.

It’s on February 1st at 3pm at the Phoenix Books location in Burlington, VT.

Anyway, it should be a good time, and you should come watch me embarrass myself by reading a piece that no one has bought/published yet.

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