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a great little triangle of battles

by !undefined

Jeff Whelpley, “Screw You, Angular”:

Recently there has been a great little triangle of battles going on among Ember, React and Angular. The reason why these debates are so great is that each of the frameworks have various pieces that are pure genius (ex. Angular DI, React Virtual DOM, Ember Router) and it is not abnormal to see developers in one framework borrow the great idea from another framework (ex. Angular UI Router from Ember Router).

If you just go by the title and/or aren’t paying attention through the first couple of paragraphs, you may be tempted to believe that this is yet another post dismissing AngularJS out of hand due either to its recent controversy over the 2.0 announcement, or else using that announcement to underscore a previous dismissal. But if you stick it out to the end, you’ll see that he’s trying to re-frame parts of the conversation around what it means to use a framework in the first place, and where the anxiety and friction is coming from. We want frameworks that take advantage of modern features and have streamlined APIs, but we’re afraid of having the rug pulled out from under us.

And/but: the two addenda to the post are where it’s at. First, that he’s explicitly calling out the anxiety around the upgrade path. And second, that he’s pointing to the fact that there’s such good competition out there between frameworks and that they’re cherry-picking good ideas from each other.

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