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Abraham Polishchuk on AngularJS Performance

by !undefined

With AngularJS Performance in Large Applications, Abraham Polishchuk presents us with a fairly comprehensive break-down of some performance do’s-and-don’t’s for large AngularJS applications.1 He covers some basic/foundational JavaScript performance techniques at the beginning before diving into the AngularJS specific items. The key takeaways seem to be:

  1. to limit the number and contents of scopes and
  2. to avoid the AngularJS event system.

Some of it reads like FUD (“Don’t use filters!”) but there’s also good advice here, especially with respect to limiting scope and in particular his points about limiting the use of $watch.

That being said: this seems to align with my recent criticism — that it isn’t so much that AngularJS itself isn’t performant, but that it’s (arguably) too easy (using the “by default” features) to get yourself into a poor performance situation.

  1. Although there’s nothing in here specifically about the sizes of the applications themselves. []

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