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by Rob Friesel

I’m such a sucker for this stuff… Viva la 64-bit revolution! Yes, even more on the G5. Yes, even more on Apple. Yes, this graphic design stuff is my business and so I can’t help but get excited even if I’m fully aware of how crassly commercial it can so easily be…

The Power Mac G5’s high bandwidth architecture and 64-bit processor provide a huge boost … [the] processor architecture features massively parallel computation, full symmetric multi-processing, two double precision floating point units and an optimized Velocity Engine. And since 64-bit processing technology gives you access to an unprecedented 8GB of memory expansion, you can work on massive files, process very high resolution images, and keep all of the applications in the Adobe Creative Suite running at the same [time] … both Photoshop CS and Illustrator CS are optimized to take advantage of … 64-bit computation … Illustrator CS now boasts G5 optimized features like its new 3D effects engine. PhotoShop CS integrates the software from the G5 Processor Plug-in to modify many Photoshop operations such as the new RAW format support… deliver up to twice the performance of previous Power Mac models.

Where’s my winning lottery ticket?

No, wait! Why isn’t this the platform-of-choice at my job!?

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