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Sharp’s 3 Phases of a Code Review

by !undefined

The Gentle Art of Patch Review:

Recently recommended to me by a friend, this post posits that effective code reviews have three phases. First: is the proposed idea even “good”? (Is it consistent with the project’s aims? Does the feature add value?) Second: is the architecture correct? (Stay out of the weeds; keep the feedback high-level.) Lastly: is the patch polished? (Now is the time to unleash your inner pedant and invoke the iron fist of the style guide.)

Sharp argues that this style of code review benefits the maintainers, the contributor, and the community around the software project. It allows for the right level of feedback to happen at the right time, and because of that, it avoids problems with people getting (for example) over-invested in a patch that isn’t appropriate to the project, or else getting discouraged because of nit-picky feedback right off the bat.

Linkdump for December 16th

by Rob Friesel

AngularJS – Perceived Performance Github user @mendhak has this proposed directive for measuring load time performance of different components in a single-page app. Tl;dr: "loading" a portion of the page may be deferred for one reason or another, but once it is in fact "finished" (based on some user-defined version of "finished") it requests an […]

review: Functional JavaScript

by Rob Friesel

Just like it says on the tin, Functional JavaScript (Michael Fogus1; O’Reilly, 2013) is just that: a book about writing JavaScript in a functional style with Underscore.js as the foundational library to give you some of the higher-order functions you need to get started.2 First, a disclosure: I have a very personal relationship with this […]

review: Understanding Computation

by Rob Friesel

Despite the fact that there’s no real reason to be apologetic, I also haven’t yet reached the point in my career as a software developer where I’ve stopped apologizing for the fact that I have no “real” Computer Science Background.1 And/but that’s exactly what draws me to books like Understanding Computation by Tom Stuart (O’Reilly, […]

review: JavaScript Testing with Jasmine

by Rob Friesel

Evan Hahn did us a favor and slapped together this primer for us: JavaScript Testing with Jasmine: JavaScript Behavior-Driven Development (O’Reilly, 2013). It’s short (around 50 pages), so you can burn through it in an afternoon, but he hits the high notes and (most importantly) provides a clear path for how to get started using […]

top 5 favorite git tricks

by Rob Friesel

I’ve been using Git as my VCS-of-choice for a few years now. It’s a powerful tool for source control, and like so many other awesome tools: it takes minutes to learn, and a lifetime to master. If you’re new to Git, there’s a fantastic round-up of tutorials and resources over on Six Revisions; or if […]