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review: JavaScript Enlightenment

by Rob Friesel

tl;dr: It’s a 150 page essay on auto-boxing, full of dangerous code examples and anti-patterns and soft warnings to “not do what I just did”, and some of the wording is not-wrong-but-not-quite-right, but hey there are some decent parts, I guess. Cody Lindley’s JavaScript Enlightenment (O’Reilly, 2012) has an awesome title, and I wanted very […]

on that “Rails went off the Rails” post

by Rob Friesel

RE: Rails Went Off The Rails: Why I’m Rebuilding Archaeopteryx In CoffeeScript …by Giles Bowkett (@gilesgoatboy); via @al3x. I read this and did a lot of head-nodding, but there was something about it that did not sit right with me. And not just the inflammatory rhetoric.[1] There was something else… Fortunately, Reginald Braithwaite summarized the […]

Linkdump for October 4th

by Rob Friesel

Making Laws About Making Babies at (tagged: research politics fertility ) One-Third of Sun-Like Stars Have Earth-Like Planets In Habitable Zone And (as usual?) the comment thread from pedantic astrophysics nerds is awesome. (tagged: Astronomy Science research ) Innovation Starvation Neal Stephenson (writing at World Policy Institute) on the demise of innovation. Mandatory reading. […]

Linkdump for September 17th

by Rob Friesel

Code camp offers tech advice to local professionals The mention of me is basically just a copy/paste of the bio that I submitted to the conference… but hey: for some reason I got called out. (Maybe I made an impression?) (tagged: Vermont tech ) What teachers really want to tell parents Ron Clark: This one […]

the pleasures and perils of JavaScript’s promiscuous comparison operator

by Rob Friesel

Spoiler alert: toString has its mitts in everything. This all started when we saw a candidate put the following into an exercise we had given him: if (arrayToTest == ”) Our first thought was well that seems wrong… And though it seems like something that shouldn’t work, it did–when the array contained a single item, […]

Linkdump for October 25th

by Rob Friesel

Netflix CEO: We’re a Streaming Company at Fast Company (via 9-bits) — Reed Hastings, Netflix CEO: By every measure, we are now primarily a streaming company that also offers DVD-by-mail. (tagged: Netflix future tech business ) The Most Popular Phone in the World at Gizmodo (via Bruce Sterling): In buying that phone, this man was […]

10 things I love about Sass

by Rob Friesel

CSS. Verbose, repetitive, rife with bizarre quirks. Can’t say that I’m a fan. On the web, you’re using it out of necessity. Even the CSS masters out there must admit, there has got to be something better. Fortunately, there’s Sass. A super-set of CSS, it helps to eliminate some of CSS’s most obnoxious aspects during […]