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Linkdump for September 13th

by Rob Friesel

jQuery Fundamentals :: A guide to the basics of jQuery Looks like the crew at Bocoup gave "jQuery Fundamentals" a nice, solid refresh. If you ask me, this is one of the best (if not the best) guides to writing efficient, scalable jQuery-based JavaScript. Recommended. (tagged: JavaScript jQuery ) Bash One-Liners Explained, Part III: All about […]

Linkdump for July 2nd

by Rob Friesel

Bash One-Liners Explained, Part II: Working with strings Nice round-up by Peteris Krumins, with good explanations. (tagged: bash ) Shall we use Clojure A presentation by Andrew Jones. Have you heard all these points before? Hear them again. (tagged: Andrew Jones Clojure ) Guide to CSS support in email At Campaign Monitor. Looks handy. (tagged: […]

Linkdump for December 7th

by Rob Friesel

Head JS "The only script in your HEAD" (tagged: browser framework javascript webdev todo ) Functional vs. Object-Oriented JavaScript Development at Script Junkie (tagged: coding javascript dev todo ) Bash Reference Manual (tagged: bash documentation ) Single Software Licence Shared 774,651 Times at /.: Avast noticed that a license for its paid-for security software, sold […]

Linkdump for July 8th

by Rob Friesel

JavaScript needs modules! by Dave Herman (via @slicknet) (tagged: javascript code ) Terminal Tips and Tricks For Mac OS X at Super User (tagged: Apple bash osx terminal todo ) Preview: The Dervish House by Ian McDonald at — skimming it, I must say it looks great (and/but McDonald is one of my favorite's […]