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“…they will go off and work in the integrated development environments…”

by !undefined

What Is Code? If You Don’t Know, You Need to Read This:

They will do their standups. And after the standups, they will go off and work in the integrated development environments and write their server-side JavaScript and their client-side JavaScript. Then they will run some tests and check their code into the source code repository, and the continuous integration server will perform tests and checks, and if all goes well, it will deploy the code—perhaps even in August, in some cloud or another. They insist that they’ll do this every day, continuous releases.

Read every word. Every one of those 38,000 goddamn words. Even if it takes you 6000 hours.

A Framework for Modern User Stories

by !undefined

A framework for modern User Stories:

My inner Scrum Master got a little bit excited about this.

What I liked about it is the attention it gives to the language of a User Story — right down to the specific words that are used to make the statements. Granted, the other thing that I liked about this piece was how it both embraces the traditional User Story format, while updating/expanding it a bit to allow for more information to get “built in”.

You could argue that what’s added should have been encompassed by Acceptance Criteria anyway, but using BDD statements here seems more constructive. (…because they easily convert into acceptance tests.)

Linkdump for April 22nd

by Rob Friesel

Agile in name only James Turner: In contrast, a company that’s agile in name only will cling to a distant release date and a laundry list of features, but still insist on short sprints and closing stories. (tagged: Agile ) shame.css Harry Roberts: You’d be forgiven for thinking the point of this whole exercise is […]

Linkdump for September 13th

by Rob Friesel

jQuery Fundamentals :: A guide to the basics of jQuery Looks like the crew at Bocoup gave "jQuery Fundamentals" a nice, solid refresh. If you ask me, this is one of the best (if not the best) guides to writing efficient, scalable jQuery-based JavaScript. Recommended. (tagged: JavaScript jQuery ) Bash One-Liners Explained, Part III: All about […]

Linkdump for August 29th

by Rob Friesel

You’re Not Listening Rands In Repose: Listening is work, and the difference between listening well and making them feel like you’re selling them a car has to do with intent. Each time I sit down to listen, my goal is the same: continue to build trust with the people I depend upon and who, in […]

Agile for the Introvert

by Rob Friesel

A couple weeks ago, I finished reading Shore and Warden’s The Art of Agile Development as part of a (half-hearted? abandoned?) book club/reading group. Our goal was to get familiar with Agile’s core tenets and terms,1 to become adept at speaking about it, and to allow that knowledge to guide us as Agile practitioners and […]

Linkdump for August 14th

by Rob Friesel

Conrad Shawcross Via Joe Stump's Tumblr. Conrad Shawcross is making some interesting sculpture. (tagged: artist art ) The Darkside of the JavaScript Filed under "edge cases, but interesting edge cases". (tagged: JavaScript ) Notes from the Mystery Machine Bus Steve Yegge: It's possible to write in a liberal language with a conservative accent, but it's […]

Linkdump for September 7th

by Rob Friesel

DirectDraw Hack via /. — my hat is off to this guy (all for the love of the greatest "combat space flight sim" of all time) (tagged: graphics hacking windows DirectDraw WingCommander ) Awesome death spiral of a bizarre star at Bad Astronomy (Discover Magazine) (tagged: astronomy space science weird ) Zombie Pandemic Tracker (tagged: […]