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on engineering culture and “manifestos”

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How I Structured Engineering Teams at LinkedIn and AdMob for Success:

Now I tend to despise the word “manifesto” but the bit about having an “engineering cultural manifesto” was particularly interesting. Where I work we had an all-hands Engineering off-site about exactly this topic a couple months back that really got me thinking about how to translate your successful habits into values, and how to translate those values into a foundation for everything else – on-boarding, technology selection, what conferences you go to, etc. It works well at the macro level, with big division-wide missions statements, but it’s probably even more effective at the micro level – i.e., how scrum team charters can help them develop and maintain a laser focus.

the boring designer

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“The boring designer chases the right idea over their idea every time. They respect their team and will try almost any idea (whether on a whiteboard or in Sketch or in code) that gets thrown their way. Instead of arguing about whose idea should win, the boring designer tries all the ideas and even elevates others’ ideas in the process. The boring designer abhors groupthink and being told “yes.” They consistently request feedback and new ideas. And as a result when they feel super passionately about their own idea, the team listens.”

Cap Watkins, The Boring Designer

So many of these points translate (or apply directly) to lots of other leadership roles, technical or otherwise.

Linkdump for July 24th

by Rob Friesel

Making Maven Grunt. Fantastic Addy Osmani post with tips on integrating Grunt, Yeoman, and Bower into otherwise-Maven-based projects. Straightforward and useful. (tagged: Grunt Bower Maven Yeoman JavaScript ) JavaScript Isn’t Scheme I'm not going to quote it. Just read it. (Although by now you almost certainly have since I'm about 2 days behind on this […]

Linkdump for July 3rd

by Rob Friesel

Building an iOS weather app with Angular and ClojureScript Kevin J. Lynagh on building the Weathertron app: …do the semantics of the library complement your application design? Or will build a Dr. Jekel / Mr. Hyde abomination of ClojureScript code doomed to emit painful, prototype-twiddling, mutation-happy JavaScript? Some cool solutions they came up with for […]

Linkdump for July 1st

by Rob Friesel

10 Monsters From Mythology You Do Not Want To Meet Vlad Vekshtein: So how did the Ichneumon defeat the dragon, whose very reputation conjures up pictures of fair maidens and burning villages and hordes of gold? Why, it crawls inside of it of course! (tagged: monsters research ) What’s new in F12 Tools (Preliminary) Sneak […]

Linkdump for August 29th

by Rob Friesel

You’re Not Listening Rands In Repose: Listening is work, and the difference between listening well and making them feel like you’re selling them a car has to do with intent. Each time I sit down to listen, my goal is the same: continue to build trust with the people I depend upon and who, in […]

Linkdump for August 22nd

by Rob Friesel

Testing for the Web, Part I: Javascript Unit Testing with Jenkins, JSTD, Phantom.js and Sauce At the NetWallet Eng Blog. They describe how they're doing their automated front-end unit testing using… well, it's all spelled out in the blog post's title. (tagged: Sauce Labs JSTestDriver PhantomJS Jenkins unit testing JavaScript ) Cascading Attribute Sheets Tab […]

Linkdump for August 10th

by Rob Friesel

What Google Could Learn From Pixar Harvard Business Review (via DF): Despite an unbroken string of 11 blockbuster films, Catmull regularly says, "Success hides problems." It's an insight Google should acknowledge and act on. Google's leadership admirably tolerates failure on side-projects (and big projects as well), but what Pixar has that Google does not is […]

Linkdump for August 7th

by Rob Friesel

No One Nos: Learning to Say No to Bad Ideas Whitney Hess at A List Apart: My client says, “I want to build a spaceship!” I say, “No, we need to make a kite.” (tagged: design ui ux leadership usability article todo ) FBI says mastermind of botnet nabbed at (via B²) (tagged: crime […]