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“the real lowdown on what works with PhantomJS”

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review of PhantomJS Cookbook by Joe Colantonio:

My favorite part:

This is not a book on theory; it is the real lowdown on what works with PhantomJS by someone who has years of hands on experience. Consequently, Rob’s recipes cover the most common scenarios you’ll likely face during your development efforts, so you’ll be learning practical recipes you can put to work right away.

Mission accomplished.


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“Headless automation for Internet Explorer”

Which looks like a port of (part of) the PhantomJS API to an environment that wraps IE by way of some .NET controls. (Also: V8 is in the mix somehow and/but/so not sure how that changes the equation w/r/t/ if the IE runtime is using that as the underlying JS interpreter or if it’s just some kind of bridge.) See also: SlimerJS : Gecko :: PhantomJS : WebKit

And speaking of SlimerJS: its API is also “PhantomJS-compatible” which raises the question of whether we need to be doing some work to create a “headless browser scripting” standard that we can reliably lean on, or if we’re just going to accept that PhantomJS came first and everyone is going to ape its API.

Anne Lu: Testing with Casper-Phantom-Mocha-Chai

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Testing with Casper-Phantom-Mocha-Chai – Anne Writes Code:

A good introductory blog post by Anne Lu about using Mocha (with Chai) in combination with CasperJS. It hits the essential points about using CasperJS, and also shows how simple it is to plug in a third-party test apparatus like Mocha. (Oddly though, her post lacks links to Mocha and Chai and I feel like some readers might get caught off-guard by the “language chains” feature of the casper-chai library.)

Linkdump for April 6th

by Rob Friesel

JDK8 + Facebook React: Rendering single page apps on the server August Lilleaas takes a look at using Java 8's Nashorn JavaScript engine to do some server-side rendering tricks with React components. (Bonus points for using Clojure, August…) While there are literally an infinite number of ways to solve some of the problems he's talking […]

Linkdump for March 5th

by Rob Friesel

Debugging JavaScript in a Hostile Environment E.J. Dyksen, writing at Mutually Human. It's an interesting story of how they handled the debugging for this particular environment (WebBrowser Control in a VB app), even if the solution itself is not especially novel. The one surprise (to me) was that the Angular $log service was not mentioned. […]

Linkdump for February 6th

by Rob Friesel

DalekJS "Automated cross browser testing with JavaScript" … like a not-so-clunk Selenium, perhaps? Looks like an interesting project and worth coming back around to. (tagged: DalekJS browser automation testing ) Extending silent classes in Sass Harry Roberts outlines a technique for using Sass %placeholders that "shadow" their classes, allowing you to better control the output […]

Linkdump for April 9th

by Rob Friesel

Animation in AngularJS At — looks like first class support for animations is well under way as part of the core AngularJS library. (tagged: animation AngularJS JavaScript ) Building a strong foundation for Vermont’s technology future Interesting piece by Pete Brown (writing over at Beerlington) on the local Vermont tech scene and really building […]

Linkdump for March 3rd

by Rob Friesel

Marissa Mayer’s Job Is to Be CEO—Not to Make Life Easier for Working Moms Anne-Marie Slaughter, writing at The Atlantic: So let's withhold judgment for a while and let Marissa Mayer do her job. Let's evaluate her on whether she can turn Yahoo around. I've been waiting for a piece like this, since everything I've […]

Linkdump for December 24th

by Rob Friesel

Huddle/PhantomCSS More awesome stuff you can do with PhantomJS: CSS regression testing. An integration of js-imagediff with PhantomJS and CasperJS for automating visual regression testing and test coverage of Website styling to support refactoring of CSS. (tagged: testing CSS PhantomJS JavaScript ) Complexity Analysis of JavaScript Code Ariya Hidayat, on the JSComplexity tool. The briefest […]