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from 10 seconds to 3 seconds

by !undefined

Switching Ghost From Ruby Sass to Libsass:

Paul Davis (Front-End Architect at Ghost) on how they dropped the Ruby dependency from the project and moved Ghost’s SCSS compilation to Libsass.

At the end of the piece I’m still left wondering what (if any) changes they needed to make in the SCSS source itself to support the switch, but seeing the details about how they switched up their compilation was useful.

Linkdump for June 6th

by Rob Friesel

JavaScript Memory Profiling Oriented toward profiling in the Chome Dev Tools, but the underlying principles hold true across browsers. Lots of detail in here. (tagged: JavaScript performance memory garbage collection profiling ) Script-injected "async scripts" considered harmful Ilya Grigorik: The inline JavaScript solution has a subtle, but very important (and an often overlooked) performance gotcha: […]

Linkdump for March 16th

by Rob Friesel

Silicon Valley’s Youth Problem Written by Yiren Lu for; such a great piece. This pull quote doesn't quite summarize it, but it comes close: Since the acquisition, Biswas, who is 32, has fought to retain the spirit of the vanguard, but his struggle reveals an implicit fear — that young engineers might be willing […]

Linkdump for February 6th

by Rob Friesel

DalekJS "Automated cross browser testing with JavaScript" … like a not-so-clunk Selenium, perhaps? Looks like an interesting project and worth coming back around to. (tagged: DalekJS browser automation testing ) Extending silent classes in Sass Harry Roberts outlines a technique for using Sass %placeholders that "shadow" their classes, allowing you to better control the output […]

Linkdump for September 23rd

by Rob Friesel

Does CoffeeScript Have a Future? The most interesting bit in here was Joel Turnbull quoting Tom Dale: I’m not so confident now. What has shifted? Tom Dale states in the thread “Every CoffeeScript developer knows JavaScript. The inverse is not true.” This rings true for me, and it’s not so much that something has shifted. […]

Linkdump for May 29th

by Rob Friesel

Sass Style Guide By Chris Coyier, writing at CSS-Tricks. I largely agree with this list, but I'm not sure I get the assertion that you should put @includes after "regular" styles. If you're ordering the CSS properties according to some specific scheme (e.g., Zen Ordering) then wouldn't you want the output of your mixins to […]

Linkdump for January 26th

by Rob Friesel

Quinoa bad for Bolivian and Peruvian farmers? Ignore the media hand-wringing. Ari LaVaux, writing for Slate Magazine. tl;dr: It's OK to buy quinoa, just do everyone the favor of looking for Fair Trade, sustainably cultivated quinoa. (tagged: politics food economics sustainability quinoa ) Writing Testable Frontend Javascript Part 1 – Anti-patterns and their fixes Shane […]

Linkdump for October 21st

by Rob Friesel

Yeoman Addy Osmani et al.: "Modern workflows for modern webapps." (tagged: JavaScript Yeoman ) OOCSS + Sass = The best way to CSS By Ian Storm Taylor. The whole "I work at a start-up and things change all the time so OOCSS doesn't work for me" makes me a bit skeptical, but his example patterns […]