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Linkdump for February 6th

by Rob Friesel
  • "Automated cross browser testing with JavaScript" … like a not-so-clunk Selenium, perhaps? Looks like an interesting project and worth coming back around to.
  • Harry Roberts outlines a technique for using Sass %placeholders that "shadow" their classes, allowing you to better control the output of your @extend directives.
    (tagged: Sass SCSS CSS )
  • Hugo Giraudel with an explanation of when to use a @mixin and when to use a %placeholder in Sass.
    (tagged: Sass SCSS CSS )
  • Justin Searls:

    When I reacted to their answers by telling the class that TDD's primary benefit is to improve the design of our code, they were caught entirely off guard. And when I told them that any regression safety gained by TDD is at best secondary and at worst illusory, they started looking over their shoulders to make sure their manager didn't hear me. This did not sound like the bill of goods they had been sold.

  • At SmugMug Sorcery:

    As you can probably already guess, this is incredibly naive.

    Great story about how they built, verified, and load tested their "Phantom Renderer" application.

  • Good take on new by Reginald Braithwaite. Boils down to: new has some problems, and you're probably better off using factory patterns.
    (tagged: JavaScript )

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