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Linkdump for September 23rd

by Rob Friesel
  • CoffeeScriptThe most interesting bit in here was Joel Turnbull quoting Tom Dale:

    I’m not so confident now. What has shifted? Tom Dale states in the thread “Every CoffeeScript developer knows JavaScript. The inverse is not true.” This rings true for me, and it’s not so much that something has shifted. It’s just that this continues to be the case, and I don’t foresee a future where it is not. Posting CoffeeScript in technical articles strikes me as presumptuous now.

    I've never personally been a huge fan of CoffeeScript, but I've always tried to reserve my judgment because I hadn't spent any significant time with it. I recently read Alex MacCaw's The Little Book on CoffeeScript and while I wouldn't say that I emerged a fan, he also improved my overall opinion of that little language.

    That being said, to me the most interesting thing about CoffeeScript was never the language itself but the way it helped some people to think differently about JavaScript itself. I believe there are some arguments to be made here that some of the evolutions and innovations making their way into ES6 are because of (meta-) languages like CoffeeScript.

  • Angelina Fabbro:

    I know I come across as vibrant, and social, and ‘good at interactions’ but actually I’ve had to practice long and hard at reading people’s behavior to figure out how to do this. A lot of the time I am sure I still get it wrong, and if I ever have with you, I am very sorry. Please tell me what I misinterpreted and I promise you it will be received in a safe and gentle way. I am actually an introvert, I find conferences exausting – which I’m sure most people would not guess because this year I have done a lot of them.

    (tagged: public speaking )
  • The more I see fat arrows, the more I like them. I only wish that they'd gone all out on the terseness and implicitly returned the last statement in the braced version. Oh well, still great.
  • A cool little tool by Jackie Balzer for demoing the color function APIs for Sass and Compass.
    (tagged: Sass CSS Compass )
  • Joel Hooks:

    Aside from basic nerd compulsion to explore cool technology, it became rapidly apparent that this was the right tool for the job.

    A good reminder that, for as much as you may love a particular technology or framework, use the rights ones in the right places for the right things. (A variation on "don't put all your eggs in one basket"?)

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