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Linkdump for April 6th

by Rob Friesel
  • August Lilleaas takes a look at using Java 8's Nashorn JavaScript engine to do some server-side rendering tricks with React components. (Bonus points for using Clojure, August…) While there are literally an infinite number of ways to solve some of the problems he's talking about here, Nashorn's performance is supposed to be outstanding (or at least world's better than Rhino's) and if nothing else, be builds a compelling case for following this kind of strategy if you're server-side is otherwise in the JVM.
  • Brian Krall does an overview of several UI/UX design patterns and discusses some of the problems associated with those patterns. He also discusses alternatives to those patterns, as well as arguments in favor of them.
    (tagged: design UI UX )
  • Been making the rounds over the past couple weeks, just getting around to linking to it now. There's an argument to be made that we should "just know" all of these little tricks and quirks but, let's face it, webdev work has lots of things to remember, and lots of them are weird and/or nonsensical and/or contradict other things that we need to remember (e.g., common sense). So keep this bookmarked or else stash it in Evernote or however it is that you keep track of handy guides like this.
    (tagged: CSS )
  • Lorenzo Planas on using Jasmine 2.0 for headless unit tests under PhantomJS. Particularly interesting was: (1) how he slimmed down the run-jasmine.js runner and (2) how he used system.stdout.write instead of console.log.
  • Jake Archibald:

    They're brilliant. They're brilliant and I want laws changed so I can marry them.

  • By Josh Carroll, writing at Techno Fattie: a quick demonstration of how to use AngularJS decorators for extending directives (including the built-in directives).

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