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Linkdump for March 3rd

by Rob Friesel
  • Anne-Marie Slaughter, writing at The Atlantic:

    So let's withhold judgment for a while and let Marissa Mayer do her job. Let's evaluate her on whether she can turn Yahoo around.

    I've been waiting for a piece like this, since everything I've seen about Mayer's decision so far either sounded like sour grapes from exactly the kind of employees Slaughter is talking about in here article or else a sexist attack. I'm sure that there are people not abusing the system, and I'm sure that exceptions to Mayer's rule can and will be made — but I absolutely agree with her choice that working from the office needs to be the norm.

  • Jordan Weissmann writing at The Atlantic — sounds like a bill I could get behind.
    (tagged: patents )
  • jshint Pull Request #814 by yours truly. (It's not much, but it's something.)
  • By "bluesmoon" at the lognormal blog (via a Nicholas Zakas tweet). It's pretty intense stuff, and is a pretty interesting approach to the problem of trying to load scripts in a non-blocking fashion (if maybe a bit overkill?). The bit with the iframes makes my skin crawl a bit — not that there's anything wrong with iframes deep down, but when you spend enough time with them, you start to feel their gritty edges. Anyway: this is a cool technique, and you should check it out, but be on the look-out for the hairy parts.
  • By Eberhard Gräther, writing at HTML5Rocks. Awesome new performance profiling tools in Chrome Canary.
  • Francisco Dao on TED and similar "idea" events:

    Ultimately, being willing to believe anything new and exciting is every bit as dangerous as being closed to new ideas. One appears to be aligned with learning, but in reality they both lead to ignorance because of their lack of critical thinking.

    (tagged: ideas thinking essay )

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