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Linkdump for April 9th

by Rob Friesel
  • At — looks like first class support for animations is well under way as part of the core AngularJS library.
  • Interesting piece by Pete Brown (writing over at Beerlington) on the local Vermont tech scene and really building a community around it. I think he's being just a little unfair to David Parker though — granted I wasn't there, so I can't speak to David's specific remarks about "changing the rhetoric", but in all the years I've known him, I wouldn't say that he's just all talk. There's also the bit about sponsorship, which can get a bit thorny, and to say that "these companies are missing the point" may be a bit reductionist. All that being said, I very strongly agree with Pete's points about building the community here. There's a whole blog post of a response in there about the how's and why's (and why not's) but I'll save that for later.

    In any case: Pete is presenting at tomorrow night's BurlingtonJS meet-up and I'm looking forward to meeting him and perhaps talking a bit about this.

    (tagged: Burlington Vermont )
  • A little joke that started a couple years ago… Finally did something with it. (Gave me an excuse to dork around with AngularJS, Bower, and Heroku…) See also: source
  • At Adobe's Web Platform Team Blog. Looks promising.
    (tagged: CSS )
  • A deck by Wesley Hales. Looks like a good round up — and/but as usual: I wished I could hear the talk that goes along with it. For one thing, it would be nice to know whether/not he addresses some of the limitations that PhantomJS has w/r/t/ reporting (or not reporting) cached assets in a given page's payload. But overall it looks like some solid recommendations.

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