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inaugural BurlingtonJS meet-up

by Rob Friesel

Last night as the inaugural BurlingtonJS meet-up at the Office Squared space. As an attendee, I would call it a success. We had two fantastic speakers: Agilion’s Pete Brown (@beerlington) who gave a good intro to Ember.js (summarized thusly); and Draker’s Ian Metcalf, who demoed an attempt at building a Prezi alternative using Backbone.js and Paper.js (see the source in Github).

The really exciting thing was to see a packed room though. The event sold out quickly and almost every attendee who signed up actually showed up. What’s more, the energy in the room was wonderful — very positive, very engaged, very curious. (As an aside: the chapter leader for the local Girl Develop It, Maureen McElaney, was in attendance to do a little recruiting. You-yes-you should get in touch to help out.) Sitting in the room, it was obvious that Burlington has an active and thriving community of front-end developers and that they’re hungry for something like this. My hat goes off to Patrick Berkeley for organizing the event.

Sounds like they’re doing another one in about a month or so. I plan to be there, and hopefully present.

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