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Linkdump for June 26th

by Rob Friesel

Advanced Unit Testing Techniques in JavaScript Decent introduction to unit testing with Sinon.js; by Guido Kessels, writing for Nettuts. Though the information Sinon.js itself is useful, the highlight of the article is really the robust definitions that Kessels provides for spies, stubs, and mocks. (tagged: Sinon.js JavaScript unit testing ) Learn Clojure in 15 minutes, […]

“Fun JS” (and BurlingtonJS #3)

by Rob Friesel

Last night was the third BurlingtonJS meet-up, and it seems to have been another success. Attendance was good and the crowd was once again pretty engaged. Always fun, always a room full of smart people, always good discussion. This month, I had the privilege of presenting, and took a few pages from chapters Michael Fogus’s […]

inaugural BurlingtonJS meet-up

by Rob Friesel

Last night as the inaugural BurlingtonJS meet-up at the Office Squared space. As an attendee, I would call it a success. We had two fantastic speakers: Agilion’s Pete Brown (@beerlington) who gave a good intro to Ember.js (summarized thusly); and Draker’s Ian Metcalf, who demoed an attempt at building a Prezi alternative using Backbone.js and […]