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Linkdump for June 26th

by Rob Friesel
  • Decent introduction to unit testing with Sinon.js; by Guido Kessels, writing for Nettuts. Though the information Sinon.js itself is useful, the highlight of the article is really the robust definitions that Kessels provides for spies, stubs, and mocks.
  • Adam Bard, demonstrating Clojure through some simple, commented forms, to demonstrate syntax and the "idea" and "feel" of the language.
    (tagged: Clojure )
  • Write-up and notes from Garrett Allen's (@g0urd) presentation at the third BurlingtonJS meet-up. Includes the sample code from his talk.
  • The Database of JavaScript Libraries

    Sometimes it seems like there's a million of these things. This one seems pretty polished. Worth bookmarking.

    (tagged: JavaScript )
  • Some monitoring tools by the Etsy engineers.

    We’d like to introduce you to the Kale stack, which is our attempt to fix both of these problems. It consists of two parts: Skyline and Oculus. We first use Skyline to detect anomalous metrics. Then, we search for that metric in Oculus, to see if any other metrics look similar. At that point, we can make an informed diagnosis and hopefully fix the problem.

    (tagged: devops metrics Kale Etsy )

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