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happy birthday, Boo!

by Rob Friesel

A year ago, A. woke up me up from this strange dream about guerrilla pizza marketing to tell me that “it was time to go”, and a couple hours later, Emery Stephen (“Boo”, to us) was born.

last day as an 11-month old

That’s a picture A. took of him yesterday.1 I’ve got one last picture to take of him today, and I’ll have completed the same picture-a-day project of E. that I did with H. (I’ll have missed only one day — due to travelling, and me not being on that trip — but I missed a day with H., too, so it balances out.) Not that I’ve posted all those pictures yet, but… All in good time.

We’ll be having a tiny little shindig at the house to celebrate this weekend. So glad you’re in our lives, Boo. Happy birthday!

UPDATE: (4/14/2013) Here are those birthday pictures; and here’s a picture for every day of the first year of his life.2

  1. Source: @amy_chess on Instagram. []
  2. Well… almost every day. We missed just one day. (Just like we did with H.) []

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