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Linkdump for August 29th

by Rob Friesel
  • Rands In Repose:

    Listening is work, and the difference between listening well and making them feel like you’re selling them a car has to do with intent. Each time I sit down to listen, my goal is the same: continue to build trust with the people I depend upon and who, in turn, depend upon me. It takes months of listening, but I want a professional relationship where my team willingly tells me the smallest concern or their craziest idea. Think of healthy listening as preventative relationship maintenance.

  • In my on-going search for client-side templating engines… I stumbled across dust. Has some interesting-looking features, and seems worth a closer look.
  • "The missing Markdown editor for web developers." Seriously. Go get this.
    (tagged: Mou Markdown )
  • By Joseph Walker at Seems like kind of a filler fluff piece on pair programming, but it does mention a few people and places where it's popular — and a few where it's gone off the rails. (If nothing else, it's a place to start looking for more information.)
    (tagged: pair programming )
  • By Arlo Belshee. This is an article that came up in the Twitter thread that James Shore (@jamesshore) started in response to my post, "Agile for the Introvert". I do not necessarily agree with the conclusions,1 but found it to be an interesting counter-point.
  1. Mostly because this all seems largely anecdotal, and not scientific–and thus just as speculative as my own conclusions. []

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