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Linkdump for September 7th

by Rob Friesel

Beyond Farmers Markets: Why Local Food Belongs on Grocery Shelves Kathleen Merrigan (deputy secretary of the USDA), writing at The Atlandtic: When the farmer, the packer, the wholesaler, and the retailer all prosper in the same region, it creates opportunity for home-grown jobs, draws more people into agriculture, and fosters relationships between the people who […]

Linkdump for March 22nd

by Rob Friesel

The Invisible Dystopia Paolo Bacigalupi writing in Kirkus Book Reviews: We are a dystopian society, and we don't even notice. (tagged: none) Building Responsive Layouts with Sass Sass core contributor Chris Eppstein on building a responsive grid system with Sass. He points out that this is not a "boilerplate" or a "bootstrap", but that it […]

Linkdump for December 13th

by Rob Friesel

Feature Detection: State of the Art Browser Scripting "You cannot trust host objects. They haven't earned it." (tagged: javascript todo browser webdev ) The hacktastic zoom fix at Stubbornella (tagged: css floats grids hack ) Election Results on the iPad at (tagged: article html5 design iPad todo )

Linkdump for August 7th

by Rob Friesel

No One Nos: Learning to Say No to Bad Ideas Whitney Hess at A List Apart: My client says, “I want to build a spaceship!” I say, “No, we need to make a kite.” (tagged: design ui ux leadership usability article todo ) FBI says mastermind of botnet nabbed at (via B²) (tagged: crime […]

Linkdump for March 6th

by Rob Friesel

Why I’m Buying the New Mac Mini: Value Reconsidered at The Apple Blog: It is underpowered, it is overpriced, and, worst of all, as Gizmodo points out, it is not easily upgradeable after the fact, so most users would be advised to bite the bullet and pay Apple’s extortionate rates for in-house upgrades, or risk […]