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Linkdump for March 6th

by Rob Friesel
  • at The Apple Blog:

    It is underpowered, it is overpriced, and, worst of all, as Gizmodo points out, it is not easily upgradeable after the fact, so most users would be advised to bite the bullet and pay Apple’s extortionate rates for in-house upgrades, or risk breaking something.

    And/but as tb's article points out, it's actually not such a bad idea to use one as a functional digital hub for your home media system. Considering the similar footprint and form factor as the tv, this might not even be all that far off the mark. (Think of it as a sort of hobbyist's Mac?) As for slow processors? How else are you supposed to get the standby power so low? As for the small hard drives? External storage has gotten so cheap and so fast, that almost doesn't matter.

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  • at Ajaxian
  • at ignore the code (via JR): crux seems to be:

    People think in time. Whenever possible, provide explicit temporal views of user’s data, and incorporate time into other views. This helps people search for files, and puts currently visible files into a temporal context.

    Whenever possible, use time spans and fuzzy dates like “yesterday” or “a year ago” instead of precise dates.

  • at A List Apart
  • by Mike Davidson (via DF):

    The death of the newspaper is a depressing thing to absorb, but what’s much more disappointing to me is that I feel like news itself has been devalued. There’s an oversupply of news-”ish” information on the web, and people have decided — usually without realizing it — that free “news snacking” is a better value proposition than paying for in-depth reporting. As one who is surrounded by news snacks everyday in the form of Newsvine, RSS feeds, instant messages, and other inputs, I’m as guilty as anyone of this mentality. At the end of the day, I just feel like through my various short-attention-span news inputs, I will absorb most of the news zeitgeist without any cost to me.

  • at Media Matters (via DF, but may as well have gotten it straight from the source…)
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3 Responses to Linkdump for March 6th

Scott McCracken says:

Are you considering using a mac mini as home media server? I’ve been back-and-forth on the subject for quite some time. I suppose I’m still holding out hope that apple has bigger plans for Apple TV, but so far no luck.

Would be interested to hear your thoughts.

F_D says:

@Scott– In a manner of speaking, this is just a variation on the iMac-based strategy we’re using for all movies/music in our home now. It’s not that far off the mark. I’m considering a future post about this very subject but haven’t decided if I’ll do it in the lead up to or the aftermath of said Mac mini purchase.

The way I see it, if most of you “computing” is done on your laptop, why not do something like hook up a Mac mini to an HD LCD TV. If you consider that a 1080p HD TV has a resolution roughly equivalent to that of a 24″ iMac (but one you can get at roughly twice the size) then it starts to become a very attractive option.

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