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Linkdump for March 22nd

by Rob Friesel
  • Paolo Bacigalupi writing in Kirkus Book Reviews:

    We are a dystopian society, and we don't even notice.

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  • Sass core contributor Chris Eppstein on building a responsive grid system with Sass. He points out that this is not a "boilerplate" or a "bootstrap", but that it was an exercise worth writing about because it probably sheds a lot of light on what a lot of developers are faced with at their companies.
  • Josh Johnson, writing at Design Shack about using Sass to generate the CSS for your responsive designs. Mostly a breakdown of what will/won't work. Johnson astutely points out that relying strictly on the "nested Media Queries" in Sass can produce less-than-optimal results in the compiled CSS. He also points out an interesting technique using Sass' control directives to manage some of the inflection points.
  • A piece by my friend Jay Selway on replacing the "user" in "user experience" with "people". It reminded me more/less instantly of the "Rands in Repose" article ("A Design Primer for Engineers") that made the rounds in January. This is a discussion point that seems to be making the rounds (again? still?) to quit thinking of "people" as "users" or "target audiences" or similar constructs. And while I agree that this is an important point, it also pays to mind those constructs — they exist for a reason. The question then becomes: do the constructs work for you (e.g., to keep you focused on your critical path objectives?) or against you (e.g., by broadening your scope to the point of distraction?)
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  • Christopher Butler:

    Your job is to solve a business problem, not to create a thing of beauty.

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