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Linkdump for March 21st

by Rob Friesel
  • Teju Cole, writing for The Atlantic:

    This is not the sort of story that is easy to summarize in an article, much less make a viral video about. After all, there is no simple demand to be made and — since corruption is endemic — no single villain to topple. There is certainly no "bridge character," Kristof's euphemism for white saviors in Third World narratives who make the story more palatable to American viewers. And yet, the story of Nigeria's protest movement is one of the most important from sub-Saharan Africa so far this year.

  • By Martin Fowler:

    In this essay I want to explore a number of interesting architectures and describe my interpretation of their most interesting features. My hope is that this will provide a context for understanding the patterns that I describe.

    Showed up in a swarm of Tweets today (3/21/2012) and thought: I should probably read this.

    (tagged: patterns UI GUI todo essay )
  • Github has a style guide for their CSS. It's pretty neat, and a good example of how to build one of these.
  • At DesignModo. As long as we're on a media queries/responsive design research binge, may as well look at all the options. That being said: "I'd rather not put my responsive design eggs in jQuery's basket. (If I don't have to.)"
  • At LitReactor.

    I 100% agree with the 5 books on that list that I have already read; and have marked as "to-read" at least 2 more… leaving me with 3 could-be-gems that I'm delighted to have learned of.

    (tagged: todo scifi literature )

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