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Linkdump for July 24th

by Rob Friesel
  • Fantastic Addy Osmani post with tips on integrating Grunt, Yeoman, and Bower into otherwise-Maven-based projects. Straightforward and useful.
  • I'm not going to quote it. Just read it. (Although by now you almost certainly have since I'm about 2 days behind on this and it was everywhere 2 days ago…)

    Prismatic has no human editors. What you see on the page is governed entirely by machine-learning algorithms-that is, by software that adapts to you over time based on your interests and behaviour.

    (tagged: Prismatic )
  • Tammy Erickson (writing for HBR):

    These questions, I believe, are at the heart of the successful use of Twitter. Individuals who are most skilled at using this peculiar 140-character medium are those who do notice the small details of life, who capture the moments that others of us miss, who slow down to watch and listen while most race on, and who personalize the events they see.

    (tagged: modernity Twitter )
  • These are great skills to have whether you're serving in a leadership role or not. For example, being able to decompose stories (and/or "break down tasks") is going to help you in understanding the real problems and delivering the solutions incrementally. And why wouldn't you want to contribute positive energy to the group?

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