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10 years of

by Rob Friesel

I can’t even remember why I started this blog 10 years ago. I think it was as a way to stay in touch with friends and family. We’d moved up to Vermont not long before and I think I was feeling… Well, not homesick, but I missed my friends. People were tagging each other back and forth1 with little memes like “hit Party Shuffle in iTunes and post what comes up” or else were posting movie reviews or recipes or the incoherent political screeds of 20-something recently-graduated liberal arts students.

Good gravy was I all over the map back then.

And not-quite-3,200 posts later, I suppose I still am all over the map. But at least the ramblings are largely contained to the link dumps. There’s a couple of embarrassing bits in the deep archives, but it seems safe-enough to stand by my record. I’d like to think that as I’ve matured, the blog’s contents have matured with me. Some respectable technology posts, some thoughtful book reviews, and the monthly search term haikus.

And let’s not forget those weird ass dreams.

  1. Whatever that could mean in the pre-Facebook era. []

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