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Linkdump for September 13th

by Rob Friesel
  • Looks like the crew at Bocoup gave "jQuery Fundamentals" a nice, solid refresh. If you ask me, this is one of the best (if not the best) guides to writing efficient, scalable jQuery-based JavaScript. Recommended.
    (tagged: JavaScript jQuery )
  • Good primer on redirection in bash. As I see it: read the first half for the fundamentals; read the second half for adventure.
    (tagged: bash )
  • Interesting post by Jimmy Bogard, but I think the title is a bit misleading. (It shouldn't be "Why I’m done with Scrum", it should be "Why I’m done with Scrum HERE".) His best points are around finding the right equilibrium w/r/t/ delivering value instead of delivering stories, but as I recall from my readings (e.g., Shore & Warden's book) if you're executing Agile/Scrum effectively then your focus is already on delivering value. Ultimately this seems to be a question of what Larsen & Shore called "Agile Fluency"; how "high-functioning" is your organization (or your group within the greater organization) when it comes to Agile workflows? That being said, I find myself naturally gravitating towards his proposals about Kanban-style JIT assignment and specification. (But that's not really anything new, either…)
    (tagged: Agile Scrum )
  • By Adam Wiggins. Interesting read; it's an opinion piece, for sure–but there's thought put into it.
  • Warren Ellis:

    Understand that our present time is the furthest thing from banality.

    (tagged: essay future )

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