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Linkdump for September 1st

by Rob Friesel

Bugged Greg Knauss writing at An Entirely Other Day: I don’t normally like to talk politics. Not real politics. I’ll smart-ass on Twitter, but I get uncomfortable as soon as I feel the need to be earnest. I don’t trust myself when I actually care. But the Republican convention just finished up, and tens of thousands of people […]

Agile for the Introvert

by Rob Friesel

A couple weeks ago, I finished reading Shore and Warden’s The Art of Agile Development as part of a (half-hearted? abandoned?) book club/reading group. Our goal was to get familiar with Agile’s core tenets and terms,1 to become adept at speaking about it, and to allow that knowledge to guide us as Agile practitioners and […]

43 Folders

by Rob Friesel

Updating the Blacklist to include Merlin Mann’s [tag]43 Folders[/tag] blog. I’ve been an occassional visitor over there but this series on “Modest Changes and Fresh Starts” has me intrigued and smiling and feeling just generally pretty good. Check it out: Fresh Start: Replace One Project Modest Change: Learning the Qualified “Yes” Modest Change: Cancel Something […]