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43 Folders

by Rob Friesel

Updating the Blacklist to include Merlin Mann’s [tag]43 Folders[/tag] blog. I’ve been an occassional visitor over there but this series on “Modest Changes and Fresh Starts” has me intrigued and smiling and feeling just generally pretty good. Check it out:

Doubtless, many of these things bring you joy, relieve boredom, or even may be required for your work, but what do they all have in common? They are each ruthless at constantly replenishing the [tag]kanban[/tag] of your attention with “stuff” that has to be dealt with. Having invited these things (and even paid for a few of them) you may feel obligated to consume them all to the point where acquiring, processing, and devouring them becomes like an inefficient part-time job. Maybe that’s good. For me, it’s become troubling.

Try it! Don’t you feel better, too?

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