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Linkdump for September 1st

by Rob Friesel
  • Greg Knauss writing at An Entirely Other Day:

    I don’t normally like to talk politics. Not real politics. I’ll smart-ass on Twitter, but I get uncomfortable as soon as I feel the need to be earnest. I don’t trust myself when I actually care. But the Republican convention just finished up, and tens of thousands of people gathered in Tampa to cheer every mention of reversing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. The PPAFA is how literally tens of millions of Americans can avoid having a bug bite wipe them out financially. It’s how I and my kidney stones and my bad back and my big ol’ gut may end up protecting ourselves, and our small business to boot. Yes, it’s expensive. Yes, it’s complicated. Yes, it’s ugly. Welcome to running a country.

    Read this. Think those thoughts. And remember to vote in November.

  • At the Dropbox tech blog: dropbox.js — making it easy for JS devs to hack on the Dropbox API. Worth checking out.
    (tagged: Dropbox JavaScript )
  • By Benjamin Mitchell (via Adam H.) This is an interesting idea (and such a simple one) and I can't wait to find the appropriate time to try this.
  • A post by Simon (@simurai) re: splitting up your styles by media query targets. He proposes it because he finds that it makes things easier to reason about. I disagree (just pick a bottom-up/mobile-first or top-down approach and stick with it) — mostly because I keep coming back to something Chris Mills (@chrisdavidmills) said during his CSS Summit talk this year: "The web is responsive by default but we screw it up by adding layout." Just the same, perhaps this technique will be useful to some.
  • At CSS-Tricks; byline says Chris Coyier, but it's really by Arley McBlain. Some interesting bits in there about Google Analytics' new-ish "In-Page Analytics" report, and about "vertical media queries" for manipulating what is (or isn't) above the so-called "fold".

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