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Linkdump for April 22nd

by Rob Friesel
  • James Turner:

    In contrast, a company that’s agile in name only will cling to a distant release date and a laundry list of features, but still insist on short sprints and closing stories.

    (tagged: Agile )
  • Harry Roberts:

    You’d be forgiven for thinking the point of this whole exercise is to shame the developers (you can always pick a name other than shame.css) but it’s really not. I am well aware of (and responsible for) hacks and quick fixes; your product owner doesn’t care if you used an !important, they just want the new feature out of the door.

    Kind of a fun little idea, this is.

    (tagged: CSS shame.css hacks )
  • Ryan Singer at the 37 Signals blog. Short and one of those that may seem obvious. And/but worth it alone for this reminder:

    Now don’t forget: all diagrams are destined for the garbage.

    (tagged: UI UX design )
  • By Dr. David Travis (@userfocus) over at User Focus articles. In a nutshell: be careful about the words you're using and some of the other things that you might take for granted (e.g., clicking on the logo to go "home" on your site). These things may be obvious to you but might completely miss your target audience. Also: worth it for the phrase "jargon in-breeding" alone.
    (tagged: UI language UX design )
  • By Lee Hutchinson, writing at Ars Technica. Pretty fascinating story about the rockets at the business end of the Saturn V.
    (tagged: rockets space )

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