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cheap or speedy.

by Rob Friesel

Broadband: Pick Cheap or Speedy, Blogged similar points before re: this debate. DSL’s main advantage over cable is that it’s a dedicated line. Again though, DSL remains an option really only if you’re in a relatively urban area and just down the block from the central switch. Cable still beats it on speed. Unfortunately, the article focuses more on the value debate. What’s it cost? And misses the mark entirely by citing $43/month for Adelphia broadband. WRONG. Try $55 — and that’s up from $52. And they still have lousy service:

  • A meager 10MB offered webspace.
  • No server-side scripting (e.g., Perl/CGI, PHP) on said webspace.
  • Blocking on (at least) ports 80 and 25.
  • Poor Mac and Linux support.
  • Fairly frequent connection drops. (Though whether/not this is due to IP lease expiration is still debateable.)

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