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by Rob Friesel

a little bit here on mod_rendezvous vis a vis Rendezvous itself… Rendezvous has been tricky to figure out. The existing documentation out there is a bit hard to follow and (for lack of a better explanation) just doesn’t seem to be anything but an all or nothing proposition.

<IfModule mod_rendezvous_apple.c>

RegisterUserSite all-users



That’s every user’s “Site” on the box. But can’t quite figure out how to have it “RegisterUserSite” for only a couple of the users. Comma delimitation doesn’t work. Space delimitation breaks the server. “RegisterUserSite” multi-line, multi declaration doesn’t do it either…

Still need to play w/ Seidel’s mod_rendezvous… But the documentation doesn’t suggest… Hmm… We’ll see.

And I still haven’t gotten Howl to register Detonator-3 on the local Rendezvous network.

Zero configuration my ass.

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