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evening round-up.

by Rob Friesel
  1. Uh. Um. OK. Some selected tid-bits:
    • “I’m hoping for you your ideas about heaven are true; it would suck dying while having wasted your life.”
    • “if u have to die do it on my B-Day”
    • “I wish for him that he goes to heaven, just like everybody else”
    • “Could you maybe canonize me before you go … ?”
    • “Die in Peace”


  2. Microsoft ditches Intel in favor of the PowerPC chip for the Xbox… What’s next? Longhorn for the G5? And does anyone else find it a bit funny that after (in the 80s) all that time where it was Apple vs. IBM(-clone) it’s come round to IBM making Apple’s new chip line?
  3. The sad thing is, once you try a headset you never want to use anything else. Even if you hate the headset.
  4. In a surprise move, Sri Lanka’s president suspended parliament Sri Lanka? Makes me feel so ignorant that I had no idea about any of this stuff….

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